• Ray Fisher Talks 'Justice League' And What Comes With Superhero Status

    Ray Fisher Talks 'Justice League' And What Comes With Superhero Status

  • Manuel Garcia Rulfo Talks 'Murder On The Orient Express'

    Manuel Garcia Rulfo Talks 'Murder On The Orient Express'

  • Kuno Becker Interview: Mexican Actor Talks Cars 3

    Kuno Becker Interview: Mexican Actor Talks Cars 3

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Interview with Marvel's Runaways Stars Allegra Acosta and Ariela Barer

Marvel Runaways Allegra Acosta Ariela Barer

Marvel's teen superheroes the Runaways are coming to Hulu on November 21, and we're talking to two of the stars, Allegra Acosta and Ariela Barer about their superpowers and what to expect from the new show. Watch the interview below. 

Texas native Allegra Acosta and Ariela Barer play two of the runaways fighting their evil parents. Ariela plays the comic book's Gert Yorkes, 16, a fast-talking and quick-witted teen never afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she thinks is right. Allegra Acosta is her strong-willed sister Molly Hernandez who was originally named Molly Hayes in the Marvel comic books, but for the Hulu show, Molly is now a Latina. Allegra talks about the importance of representing a young Latina and playing a positive role model.

The actresses tell us what to expect from the show and how it's different than other shows.  

More about the up-and-coming actresses: 

Allegra Acosta plays “Molly Hernandez” in the Hulu/Marvel series Marvel’s Runaways. She was born in El Paso Texas, and started singing and acting professionally at the age of nine when her family moved to Los Angeles. Allegra had a recurring role in Nickelodeon’s "100 Things to do Before High School" and guest starred on "Just Add Magic" on Amazon. She is also on a competitive dance team and is an emerging singer. Allegra’s other passions are animals. She and younger sister, Valentina, recently adopted two dogs from a shelter.

Ariela began her career at the age of ten when her manager discovered she and her sister in a play at a local children’s theater group. Since then she has appeared in shows and movies including New Girl,K.C. Undercover, Modern Family,and in recurring roles on Netflix series "One Day at a Time" and "Atypical." Outside of acting, Ariela plays bass in the feminist rock band The Love-Inns.

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'A Wrinkle in Time' New Photos and Trailer

A Wrinke in Time movie

The Disney fantasy film, A WRINKLE IN TIME, starring a diverse and star-studded cast has a new trailer and images. Take a look at Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Chris Pine, Michael Pena, Zach Galifianakis and newcomer Storm Reid in a new trailer and photos.

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Latino Spotlight: 'The Star' Story Artist Art Hernandez Talks Shop

The Star animation movie

Art Hernandez was born in the right city to achieve his dream of becoming an animator. Born in Los Angeles to Mexican immigrants, Arturo “Art” Hernandez was recruited by Disney Animation in Burbank at the age of 22 where he worked as a story artist on the four Tinker Bell features, CARS, and the Head of Story on PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE. After 18 years, he left Disney Animation for Sony Pictures Animation to pursue his dream of directing an animated feature. While he works on his directorial debut, he lent his talents as a story artist on THE STAR, and he describes his day-to-day job as story artist and how an animated movie all comes together. Listen below.

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Justice League Movie Review: Superhero Mashup We've Been Waiting For

Justice League movie review 

JUSTICE LEAGUE is just what we've been waiting for in a superhero mashup. If you like the 70s cartoon television version of "Justice League" than you'll more than likely enjoy the latest entry in the troubled DCEU. As most critics have been noting, the CGI is questionable but more importantly the superhero team have great chemistry so you can overlook its shortcomings. Ezra Miller steals the show as The Flash, and provides the much needed comedy lacking in previous DC movies.

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Behind The Scenes with 'Daddy's Home 2' Cinematographer Julio Macat

DP Julio Macat on the set of Daddy's Home 2 from Paramount Pictures

Every actor's best friend on set is the director of photography. The cinematographer is literally behind the camera making sure everyone and everything is well lit during production. Julio Macat is a veteran Hollywood cinematographer.  DADDY'S HOME 2's director of photography (DP) reveals a few funny stories about working with Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg on the set. Watch below.

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