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Musical Netflix Parody ‘The Perfect Date for Every Woman’ Wins At Palm Springs International Comedy Festival

Actress and singer Carrie Daniel was awarded Best Music Comedy for her directorial debut in the musical parody, THE PERFECT DATE FOR EVERY WOMAN at the Palm Springs International Comedy Festival. The musical parody pokes fun of our obsession with Netflix. 

A conservatory-trained actor, singer, writer, and director, Daniel's musical parady also earned her two Telly Awards for Best Writing and Best Use of Humor. The short also went viral on the Funny Or Die website. 

Learn more about Daniel and her award-winning short. 


Press Release 

Carrie DanielLOS ANGELES – Carrie Daniel wins big at the Palm Springs International Comedy Festival. Awarded Best Music Comedy, her first directorial debut, for the musical parody The Perfect Date for Every Woman. A hilarious look into today’s television viewer in an instantly appealing video, featuring streaming platforms Hulu, Netflix, and Comcast, Daniel displays the perfect date for every woman.

“My aim is always to uplift and delight, while telling the truth,” said Daniel. “I like bringing social issues to light in a playful and engaging way. Life is absurd and short, so we might as well laugh at it – while also learning and striving to be better people.”

The Palm Springs International Comedy Festival took place virtually on Sunday, Oct. 18. For more information on the winners please visit

Parody Lyrics, Direction, Lead Performance: Carrie Daniel
Also Starring: Austin Rising, Kaitie Huss, & Alisa Taylor
Produced by: Kaitie Huss
Cinematography: Shriy Wimalasekera
Editor: Rich Tramazzo
Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Marc Solomon
Assistant Camera: Zach Lambe
Special Thanks: Aaron Goldstein, Jim Shatarevian, Michael Scott Harris, Sarah Downey, Johnnie Hobbs, Nize Printing, Foam Mart.
Parody lyrics based on 1963 song "Be My Baby" by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, and Phil Spector

About Carrie Daniel:
CARRIE DANIEL is a conservatory-trained actor, singer, writer, and director. She recently has won two Telly Awards for Best Writing and Best Use of Humor for her song parody entitled THE PERFECT DATE FOR EVERY WOMAN that went viral on Funny or Die - and will be featured at the Palms Spring International Comedy Festival.

Daniel attended Oxford University, where she received her Master’s Degree in Visual Anthropology and was a member of the Oxford University Dramatic Society. She has appeared in films such as Junbug and Ray and the TV Series Married With Secrets, as well as various commercials and music videos including a Super Bowl Spot choreographed by Michael Rooney and a music video featuring Ukranian pop star Svetlana Loboda.

Recently she has started creating her own musical comedy shorts. She made waves with a viral feminist song parody, inspired by the #MeToo movement, and was featured in various interviews by local and national media. Her next release will feature a parody in time for the 2020 election.

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