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Is that Rodan in New Godzilla Asian Trailer?

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Warner Bros. released a new trailer for the Asian markets and the international preview is showing a lot more than previous trailers. Take a look at what looks like Rodan.

After watching the trailer a few times, this is what we can gather. Godzilla seems to have been on ice and Japanese re-activate the iconic monster when strange creatures appear and start destroying the world. Their only hope is Godzilla. 

We're also seeing a flying creature that looks a lot like Rodan with a wing span and horns that look like Godzilla's old nemesis. In previous trailer versions, a Muto monster has been clawing its way through the airport and subway. If it is indeed Rodan, this movie is going to be even more epic than we originally thought.  There were glances of a winged monster, but our hopes were dashed when the new Godzilla toy line came out and there was only one monster figure, the Muto.  But now our hopes are up again that an enemy from the past returns to fight Godzilla. 

We'll find out Thursday, May 1st when CineMovie gets a sneak peek of the GODZILLA movie. Th anticipation is killing us.  GODZILLA opens May 16.

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