Entrevista con Ilse Salas: Actriz Describe Su Papel de 'Señorita 89' Como Despreciable

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En un mundo donde la belleza es lo más importante, nada es lo que parece en Señorita 89. Hablamos con las estrellas Isle Salas, Ximena Romo y Juan Manuel Bernal sobre los temas serios alrededor de la serie.

Señorita 89 ahora se está transmitiendo por Pantaya en los Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico. 

The upcoming new original Pantaya series Señorita 89 will explore the dark nature behind beauty pageants in which women are essentially manufactured to win the crown. Produced by SPENCER director Pablo Larrain and Juan de Diol Larrain, the new trailer presents a sinister tale set around the 1989’s Miss Mexico beauty pageant.

The first two episodes of Señorita 89 will premiere exclusively through the Spanish streaming service Pantaya on February 27th in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.  
Señorita is a sophisticated dramatic thriller from visionary Lucia Puenzo (La Jauria) is set in the glamour of 80's Mexico. It follows Concepción (Ilse Salas), the matriarch of the most important beauty pageant in the country, who, together with a team of expert makeup artists, trainers, and even surgeons, welcomes the 32 finalists to her estate, La Encantada. There, the contestants will experience a 3-month hard training until they reach the Miss Mexico pageant. 

The truth is that underneath the appearances, the clothes, and the makeup, there is a dark world and, in the end, the contestants will empower each other and unite forces to leave the contest alive. Pantaya will premiere the first two episodes on February 27th, followed by a weekly episode every Sunday and the full season of eight episodes will be available for a binge on April 10th.

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