Lightyear’s Keke Palmer On The Importance of Representing Women of STEM in the Pixar Space Adventure

Keke Palmer Lightyear interview CineMovie

Keke Palmer voices the character of Izzy Hawthorne in Pixar’s LIGHTYEAR. The actress chats with CineMovie about the space adventure, and why she’s proud to be representing a woman of color as an astronaut.

Palmer’s Izzy character partners with space ranger Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Chris Evans) to save their colony for Zurg. The Disney*Pixar animated movie also stars the voices of Taika Waititi, Uzo Aruba, James Brolin, Pete Sohn as the voice of SOX the robotic cat.

'Lightyear' Director Angus MacLane Looked to NASA Astronaut Thomas Marshburn to Incorporate Space Science into Pixar Film

LIGHTYEAR is now playing in movie theaters.

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