Dwayne Johnson On Returning To Action In FASTER

CineMovie's Viviana Vigil sits down with Dwayne Johnson as he returns to the action genre in FASTER alongside Billy Bob Thornton. Dwayne Johnson took a break from the shoot 'em genre to concentrate on family-friendly films (Tooth Fairy, The Game Plan), comedies (Get Smart, The Other Guys) and a dramatic role in Gridiron Gang. In his new film FASTER, Dwayne puts "The Rock" back into his performance as a man out for revenge after a gang kills his brother.

Dwayne Johnson Interview for Faster

During our sit down with the former wrestler, Dwayne tell us why FASTER brought him back to the action genre and why the film reminds him of classic revenge movies.  He also continues his return to action as Vin Diesel's nemesis in Fast Five, the fifth installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise.  Dwayne explains he and Vin have been long time friends wanting to work together in a movie but Dwayne didn't want a typical on screen buddy role.  In Fast Five,  he plays a man hunting down Vin Diesel's Dominic and he promises it's going to be good.

FASTER is in movie theaters November 24th. 


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