FRIGHT NIGHT Exclusive: Expect Monster Movie Says Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin in FRIGHT NIGHT

FRIGHT NIGHT star Anton Yelchin promises the remake to the 80s classic vampire flick will be a throwback to the Nosferatu blood-sucking monster.

Anton Yelchin plays Charlie Brewster in FRIGHT NIGHT, a high school student whose new neighbor (Colin  Farrell) happens to be a vampire. In an exclusive sit-down with the Star Trek actor, Anton  was pleased director Craig Gillespie ignored the recent "fad" to romanticize vampires as in the Twilight movies.
"What I like about this one is that it's actually a scary vampire. It's not 'Oh, I'm in  love.' I'm going to f***** kill you. I'm sorry...that's what vampires do.  That's what  makes it fun and exciting for me because there is no romance."

The Russian-born admits he's not a fan of the latest Twilight trend of "pubescent girls"  obsessing over vampires and prefers gore and "a monster that's going to kill things." The  FRIGHT NIGHT star says the modern take on FRIGHT NIGHT is a throwback to  the classic vampire stories such as Nosferatu. Jerry's transformation into the vampire  takes on monstrous qualities in this reboot of the cult hit.

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Colin Farrell in FRIGHT NIGHT 2011

Transitioning one of the sexiest men in Hollywood into a hideous monster was done "old  school" with prosthetics which Yelchin called "a dieing art form." Yelchin liked the idea of going with prosthetic versus CGI or utilizing the dots on Colin's face. He described Jerry's physical tranformation as "awesome" that harked back to the good old-fashioned monsters of early vampire films.

"It's definitely gruesome and frightening. It's good. In recent years all the vampires look good and they just have fangs. Here it's a monster. It's great because it transitions out of Colin who's this awesome handsome dude into this terrifying monster."

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While the original FRIGHT NIGHT's vampire desires Charlie Brewster's girlfriend, Colin Farrell's Jerry is less interested in love and more into "destroying things," according to Yelchin. And that's how he prefers his vampire movies.

FRIGHT NIGHT is in movie theaters August 19, 2011.



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