Interview: David Tennant Can Turn On Evil In A Snap In 'Bad Samaritan'

David Tennant Robert Sheehan Bad Samaritan Interview

David Tennant and Robert Sheehan star in BAD SAMARITAN, a cat-and-mouse thriller which has Tennant portraying a rich psychopath. In our sit down with the actors, we find out the former Doctor Who can easily turn off and on his maniacal character with ease, according to his co-star and director Dean Devlin. Watch below.

Robert Sheehan (Genius, Misfits) plays a young valet in BAD SAMARITAN, who steals from patron's homes while they dine at the restaurant. One day he breaks into the wrong house where he discovers a terrified woman who's chained and gagged. Soon the petty thief is the target of Cale's (Tennant) sadistic plan in a cat-and-mouse game.  

BAD SAMARITAN opens in movie theaters May 4.


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