Interview with Al Pacino: Staying True To His Art


Al Pacino stars in DANNY COLLINS, a heart-felt film in which he plays an aging rocker who receives a life-changing letter from John Lennon. Danny Collins decides to return to his roots and become the artist he originally wanted to become.  Like his character, Pacino says he's strayed from his art at times, but he has remained true to himself with help from his good friends in the business.

Al Pacino has continued to work steadily in theater, his first love rather than focus his entire career in movies. The actor behind some of the most iconic cinematic figures (Godfather, Tony Montana, Serpico) has won Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, Golden Globes and Oscar (Scent of a Woman) for his work that spans five decades.

In a sit down with Mr. Pacino, CineMovie inquired with the 74-year-old about whether he thinks he's stayed true to his art. He admits he "strayed at times," but his mentors and teachers Charles Laughton and Lee Strasberg set him on the right path.  Listen to what else he has to say about the subject. 

DANNY COLLINS opens March 20th.

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