VIDEO: James Cameron & Michael Bay Talk 3D

Michael Bay and James Cameron on 3D Technology

James Cameron (Avatar) and Michael Bay (Tranformers: Dark of the Moon), two filmmaking powerhouses came together to discuss the state of 3D technology, often clashing with differing opinions . Watch the meeting of the blockbuster minds in this video session from Michael Bay's site.

The Tranformers: Dark of the Moon director and the filmmaker who helped advance 3D technology with Avatar sat down together May 18  in a session entitled "3D: A Transforming Visual Art - A Conversation with Michael Bay and James Cameron."   The audience consisted of film students, journalists and industry people who were treated to a sneak peek of Michael Bay's upcoming summer blockbuster in 3D.

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James Cameron, a proponent of shooting with 3D cameras and a harsh critic with Hollywood in their practive of  transfering 2D to 3D, discussed how technology has changed and the improvements Cameron made with 3D cameras.

Michael Bay, who shot his first film with 3D cameras on the third installment of the Transformers, said he was reluctant to add the extra burden of filmming with the cumbersome equipment until his most recent Transformers movie. Shooting in 3D  added extra days to the shooting schedule and increased the budget by $30 million for Tranformers: Dark of the Moon.

This week, it was announced Titanic will return to movie theaters April 2012 in 3D.  Tranformers: Dark of the Moon will be released two days sooner on June 29 instead of July 1st.

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