INTERVIEW: Justin Bieber Crashes Johnny Depp Press Conference

Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber knows how to make an entrance when he crashed Johnny Depp's interview during a press conference for his film RANGO. 

Johnny Depp, his RANGO co-stars Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, and director Gore Verbinski were promoting their new animated film RANGO at the Four Season's in Beverly Hills Saturday when the teen pop sensation made a surprise appearance to greet one of his favorite movie stars.  Not only was the talent surprised by singer but the room full of press enjoyed the love fest between two of pop culture's beloved stars.

Listen to Justin Bieber and Johnny Depp Encounter

Before the chance encounter between the movie star and music prodigy, Johnny Depp during the interview explained how his children have no interest in his profession but more about The Family Guy and Justin Bieber.  When asked if he was a Belieber, Johnny laughed and admitted he never heard that word for Bieber fans and ranked among his favorites.  He then professed he is indeed a Belieber. 

PHOTOS: Johnny Depp Casual at RANGO Movie Premiere

Fifteen minutes later as the press conference was wrapping up, Justin whose 3D Never Say Never film debuted at number 2 this weekend, walked into the ballroom to greet Johnny Depp.  They shook hands, admired each other and Justin went on his way.  Johnny Depp wondered how he would tell his daughter whose a fan. 

Johnny Depp's animated film RANGO is in theaters March 4.

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