Maise Williams Shuts Down Stupid Arya / "Game of Thrones" Questions

Maise Williams and her "Game of Thrones" costars braved Hall H at San Diego's Comic Con to endure endless questions about the controversial finale. The questions didn't come from fans in Hall H but rather the moderator who wasted time on fan theories that have no merit and were often sexist. Maise Williams who portrayed Arya was elegant in her responses to rather stupid questions about Arya being defined by men. Watch as Williams sets the record straight that Arya can do badass all by herself.

Along with Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Liam Cunningham, Jacob Anderson, John Bradley, Conleth Hill and Isaac Hempstead Wright endured having to answer rather predictable questions. Ironically the producers backed out days before the panel I'm assuming because they would be the ones taking the brunt of the ire from fans.

Before the panel, Comic-Con emcee Eddie Ibrahim asked the crowd to be respectful of the actors and to be open to differing opinions. However, moderator James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly didn't shy away from addressing fan complaints once the actors took the stage. While they teased that fans will be able to ask questions as is customary in Hall H panels, ironically the moderator used up all the time or was that the plan the whole time. Fans were not happy when it wrapped.

When it came to ask Maise Williams about Arya, Hibberd seemed to be focus on framing the Stark princess turned assassin by the men she was surrounded by. The first ridiculous question was about Gendry and whether she would reconsider a relationship with him after her travels. While we all wanted a romantic ending to Arya's story, her reasons for rejecting his proposal made perfect sense given her 10-year journey. Ironically, the men on the panel were not asked about their love lives.

The next question to Williams was regarding the fan theory that when Jon Snow was distracting the white walker dragon, he was yelling "go" to Arya to attack the Night King. Many believe Arya, a trained assassin who took out at least a dozen men including Walder Frey and his men) and left the Hound for dead couldn't take down the Night King. Arya certainly deserved that kill. Williams did credit Melisandre for inspiring her next kill but in no way was it tied to any man.

Maise Williams once again killed it with her answers.

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