Mariana Treviño and Christopher Von Uckermann Offer Love Advice and Talk New Spanish Film Como Cortar A Tu Patán

Mariana Trevino Christopher Von Uckermann CineMovie Interview

Mariana Treviño plays Amanda, a love expert specializing in getting rid of douchebags in the Spanish comedy COMO CORTAR A TU PATAN (HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR DOUCHEBAG), and Mexican actor Christopher Von Uckermann plays the catch who would be the perfect match for Amanda's sister who's dating a douchebag. (Sebastian Zurita). The comedy which was filmed in Mexico addresses and pokes fun at love and relationships. CineMovie sat down with Trevino and Von Uckermann to talk about all things love and they have some great advice.

COMO CORTAR A TU PATAN (HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR DOUCHEBAG) is in movie theaters October 13. 

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