Meet 'Wonder Woman's' Doctor Poison Played By Actress Elena Anaya

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Spanish actress Elena Anaya plays the villainous Doctor Poison aka Dr. Maru in the WONDER WOMAN movie. CineMovie's Michael Angelo Gonzales sat down with Anaya in Miami to talk about her female antagonist and where the evilness of the charater comes from. Watch interview below.

Not much is revealed about the origins of Doctor Poison in the Patty Jenkins-directed movie, but Anaya feels lucky to be portraying a lesser known villain from the Wonder Woman comics. William Moulton Marston created the character in the original 1940s comics to be Wonder Woman's complete opposite. For the film, Dr. Maru looks nothing like the comic book version. Instead half her face is covered in porcelain and we can only assume that incident which led to her distorted face is part of the cause for her villainy.

Hailing from Spain, Anaya is effective as the elusive Nazy spy developing a deadly gas to destory her enemies and humanity. The actress says she looked more to real-life as inspiration for her evil character. Anaya first received international attention for her role in the critically-acclaimed SEX AND LUCIA(2001) and starred with Antonio Banderas in the Pedro Almodovar film THE SKIN I LIVE IN (2011). While she's appeared in small roles in Hollywood movies, WONDER WOMEN may just be her breakout role in the states.

WONDER WOMAN is now playing in movie theatres.

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