Nat Geo's 'Mars' Producer Everardo Gout Says Show Is Not Entirely Science Fiction

Mars Season 2

National Geographic's "Mars" returns for a second season, and Mexican producer and director Everardo Gout tells CineMovie the show isn't entirely fiction. The show mixes scripted drama with documentary style interviews with experts and scientist weighing in on space travel and colonizing Mars. While humans can't inhabit Mars yet, Gout says the show consults experts on what it would be like and the exact science behind space travel.

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After the first failed attempt to colonize Mars, another group head to the Red Planet several years into the future after the Daedalus astronauts have built a full-fledged colony called Olympus Town. Having established humankind as an interplanetary species, Mars examines the impact that humans have on the Red Planet and the consequences the planet has on us.

MARS season 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c‎ on the National Geographic Channel.

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