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Paula Patton, Roselyn Sanchez, Omar Epps and Laz Alonso Talk New Thriller Traffik

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Traffik Paula Patton Roselyn Sanchez Omar Epps

Paula Patton, Roselyn Sanchez, Omar Epps and Laz Alonso sit down with CineMovie to talk about their new sexy thriller, TRAFFIK. Watch the interview below.

Out now in movie theaters, TRAFFIK begins with a couple embarking on a romantic getaway in the mountains. During their road trip, they encounter a biker gang starting trouble, but they manage to get away from the group. So they though. When their closest friends show up unannounced at the isolated estate, drama ensues along with trouble from the gang who harassed them earlier.

Along with being a sexy thriller, TRAFFIK turns into a horror show when the gang is involved in human trafficking. Paula and the cast have something to say about the ugly truth about the subject mateter. Also watch the full unedited interview with Paula Patton below.

Watch Full Interview Below

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