Steve Harvey's Tips To Avoiding The Wrath of 'Showtime At The Apollo' Audience


Showtime at the Apollo returns to FOX Thursdays at 9pm on May 3. Host Steve Harvey gave CineMovie some tips for talent looking to impress the judgmental crowds at the Apollo.

Steve Harvey returns to hosting Showtime at the Apollo, and as a former contestant he has a lot of history with the show that can make or break an artist. Harvey's first television appearance was on the iconic talent show back in the early 90s. From that gig, he was offered to host It's Showtime at the Apollo. And as they say, the rest is history.

The TV personality, talk show host, actor and comedian currently hosts six television shows including his daytime talk show Steve, Little Big Shots, Forever Young, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey's Funderdome, as well as Miss Universe.   

In the re-imagining of the classic talent showcase series, the Harlem crowd are still judging the up-and-coming artists. The Apollo audience is notoriously boisterous and brutally honest, and those amateurs who don’t win them over must endure the wrath of the crowd at Showtime at the Apollo. The Showtime at the Apollo host says the audience hasn't changed except it has become much more diverse in its makeup. 

Keeping that in mind, Steve Harvey has a few tips for amateurs that may help them avoid incurring the wrath of the Harlem audience.

"Somebody is going to come out and sing a song and not understand the rules of the Apollo", he revealed during a phone interview.  "For example, there are some people that you can’t do at the Apollo unless you do it exact.  You can’t do Whitney Houston.  They do not allow it.  You can’t do Michael Jackson.  They don’t allow it.  You can’t do Luther Vandross and you can’t do Prince.  If you don’t nail these people—they are held at such high esteem.  Those are the four that you cannot come and redo. You better be on point. If you miss a note, we know it, and you’re gone. You can’t do Mariah Carey. No one does Chaka Kahn. No one.  Don’t even attempt Chaka Kahn.  Those are the rules.  They come out there, and it’s the same. It’s a tough place to play, but the talent has been pretty good this year."

SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO Host Steve Harvey in the “Week 3” episode of SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO airing Thursday, March 15 (900-1000 PM ETPT) on FOX. CR FOX. © 2018  FOX Broadcasting Co.

Your best bet is not covering songs by the legendary artists he pointed out, but he does admit one person this season did nail a Whitney Houston song which is rare.

Harvey also revealed he is not part of the selection process for SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO nor does he interact with them unless he passes by them in the hallway before showtime when he offers a few word of encouragement. Otherwise like the audience, he's watching the performances for the first time.

Steve Harvey's reactions are priceless, and he prefers to be surprised by his guests. Steve Harvey keeps his reactions genuine for all the shows he hosts. 

"That’s how I do all my shows. I don’t meet the families on Family Feud," he told CineMovie. "I don’t come to rehearsals at Little Big Shots. I don’t meet the kids at Little Big Shots. The thing that attracts people to me is my authenticity. I’m authentic. I just want to be how I really am without rehearsal. That’s what makes me work. I want you to see what I’m thinking on my face, and I don’t really try to hide it."

And that's the magic of Steve Harvey. Catch Harvey with his Showtime at the Apollo co-host Adrienne Bailon Thursdays at 9pm on FOX.


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