'The Gentleman's Thief' Apollo Robbins Teaches FOCUS Star Will Smith The Ways of the Con


Hold on to your wallet and valuables because Will Smith can pick pocket anyone thanks to his teacher Apollo Robbins. CineMovie is learning the tricks of conning from master con artist known as "The Gentelman's Thief" Apollo Robbins who served as the technical advisor for Will Smith's new movie, FOCUS.

In FOCUS, Will Smith is Nicky,  a master of misdirection who becomes romantically involved with Margot Robbie's Jess, a small time con artist who wants to be big time like Nicky. Smith and Margot had to learn the tricks of the trade like pick pocketing and influencing human behavior from Robbins who is world's leading expert on pickpockets, confidence crimes and deception. Robbins uses sleight-of-hand to demonstrate perception management, diversion techniques and self-deception.

Robbins demonstrates the sleight-of-hand technique with us, and even after watching this video a couple of times, we still don't know how he managed what he did. Watch the video.

FOCUS opens February 27.

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