Tom Hanks Is Real Summer Superhero Says Cedric The Entertainer

Tom Hanks and Cedric the Entertainer in LARRY CROWNE

Cedric the Entertainer stars with Tom Hanks in LARRY CROWNE, a slice-of-life feel good movie that is up against the summer's onslaught of superhero blockbusters, but according to Cedric, Larry Crowne should be the true hero at the movies.
Conceived and directed by Tom Hanks, the two-time Oscar winner stars as Larry Crowne, a middle-aged man fired from his job for not having a college degree. He starts over and reinvents himself by attending community college and falling for his teacher Julia Roberts. At a recent sit down with Larry Crowne's Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Cedric the Entertainer, and Taraji P. Henson, Cedric called the film "inspiring" and the Larry Crowne character "heroic" for showing the positive side of a negative situation.
"I call this the real superhero movie of the summer. You've got Green Lantern, that shell man.... This is the guy who really has to take care and get his stuff together and get back on his feet. It was real heroic. I enjoyed it for that reason when I saw the film. I'm really glad to be a part of it."
Tom Hanks didn't set out to portray Larry Crowne as a hero. Larry Crowne's story was presented "in an authentic manner" and "we show it as truly possible as opposed to all the contrivances of a movie," said the LARRY CROWNE director.  Hanks admits he's more attracted to movies about real subjects and characters.

In terms of competing with the popcorn movies, Hanks said he didn't have the "slightest idea" how to market his film or choose a more appropriate release date. Studios seem to be releasing blockbusters year-round.

"The nature of movies are different than five years ago. There all driven by the possibilities of CGI which means you can make anything happen on screen that you can possibly desire. That's a great brand of freedom that is given over to the filmmaker."

Tom Hanks sees Larry Crowne having one advantage over the summer films. "The thing we might have going for us is the true battle against cynicism," said the Forrest Gump actor. "That's what Larry Crowne is about more than anything else."   Ultimately, Tom Hanks says movie-goers expect to be entertained with a quality film.

"At the end of the day, it's got to be a good movie.  It's gotta be a funny movie. And it's gotta make people think 'they couldn't have spent my time any better.   By the way, that thing about that guy who wore a suit and the planet exploded and he's still got the girl by traveling through time. That movie sucked.'"
LARRY CROWNE also offers the audience a relate-ability which action hero movies rarely offer.  People can see themselves in the character, according to Tom Hanks. He set out to reflect real life with characters you see in your neighborhoods and schools.  While most Hollywood films bother with one token minority, LARRY CROWNE's director and writer made a conscious effort to cast a racially-diverse cast. In addition to Cedric The Entertainer, Taraji P. Henson (Hustle & Flow), Pam Grier, Wilmer Valderrama, Selena Gomez's Disney Channel mom Maria Canals-Barrera, George Takei (Star Trek) and the comedy trio Culture Clash were hand-picked by Hanks.  "We wanted to reflect the world as it really actually looks," said Hanks who attended community college before he became an actor and saw the mix of the student body.

Larry Crowne movie with Cedric the Entertainer, Tom Hanks, Taraji P. Henson

Cedric's on screen wife Taraji P. Henson said she was attracted to the project because of the realistic portrayal of society.  "I was most excited about the diversity because it's so true to life.  That's Tom Hanks," she said about her director and co-star. "He's smart like that."

And that makes Tom Hanks a superhero in our book too.  

LARRY CROWNE is in movie theaters July 1st.

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