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Wilmer Valderamma Iinterview for Larry Crowne

Wilmer Valderrama is a professional but when he met Tom Hanks, his LARRY CROWNE director and star, he was more a fan than a fellow actor.

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"That 70s Show" actor stars with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in the feel-good movie LARRY CROWN.  CineMovie's Pili Montilla sat down with the Larry Crowne star to talk about his experience with Hanks who has the reputation as the nicest man in Hollywood.  

When Wilmer received the call and offered the role of Dell Gordo opposite Tom Hanks, he was ecstatic.  "Wow, this is incredible,"  he thought to himself.  However it didn't really register until he got the call to meet his co-star and director in two hours that same day.  That's when the feeling of OMG set in.  When he met the Forrest Gump actor on the Paramount lot in Hollywood, Wilmer was shocked to hear that he was a fan of "That 70's Show" and that they were lucky to have him in LARRY CROWNE.   "Really! Really!  You're lucky to have me," he told himself as he was awestruck by the "biggest iconic legend."  

As the meeting progressed, they discussed their characters and their personal lives but there was one thing that kept going through his head.   "This is Tom Hanks. This is Tom Hanks."  When he got over the shock of meeting his hero, Tom assured Wilmer to have a good time during their collaboration. "Just do your thing. We'll have fun on screen. And just drop the script and we'll improvise. And have good time," was his advice to the young actor.  

Tom Hanks and Wilmer became close during the production, according to Wilmer.  "He became a mentor of mine," Wilmer told CineMovie. They "laughed alot" and described the production as "fun."  Wilmer especially felt validated as an actor when Tom Hanks was in "tears" behind the camera.

Wilmer became an even greater fan of the Academy Award-winning actor who he described as "solid, incredible, and humble."  As a director, he was even more impressed with his skills.  "The freedom that Tom gave his cast to enhance every scene, to have fun with every scene -- was just groundbreaking. For him as a director was a such a pleasure.  It was so fun."

Wilmer once again proves Tom Hanks is the nicest man not just in Hollywood but on the planet.    

For more with Wilmer, watch the our video interview.

LARRY CROWNE is in movie theaters July 1, 2011.

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