'American Sniper' Wipes Out Competition at Box Office; Johnny Depp, George Lucas Strike Out

The latest film from the mind of George Lucas was no match for the talking Paddington bear starring Nicole Kidman. The animated flick Strange Magic opened to a mere $5.5 versus Paddington which took away $12.4 million in its second weekend. It seems there can only be one family-oriented film at a time.  

As predicted, Johnny Depp's Mortecai came in at number nine with $4.1 million in box office dollars. The actor hasn't had much luck with a string of box office failures in recent years (Transcendence, The Long Ranger, Dark Shadows).

The Boy Next Door was the only other release which did well at the box office at number two. The film was produced by Jennifer Lopez at $4 million dollars so the film has already surpassed its budget.

Besides the Oscar-nominated American Sniper, Selma and The Imitation Game seem to be also benefiting from Academy Award nominations. Kevin Hart's The Wedding Ringer dropped 43% to number four while Liam Neeson's Taken 3 continues to interest audience adding $7.1 million to its take.

Check out what other films rounded out the top 10.

 Box Office Top 10 (January 26-29)

1.     American Sniper         $64,365,000

2.     The Boy Next Door      $15,001,000
3.     Paddington                  $12,391,000     

4.     The Wedding Ringer    $11,600,000
5.     Taken 3                         $7,600,000     

6.     The Imitation Game     $7,136,000
7.     Strange Magic              $5,534,000     

8.     Selma                           $5,500,000     

9.     Mortdecai                     $4,125,000     

10.   Into the Woods          $3,886,000    


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