RAMBO: LAST BLOOD is the fifth movie in the franchise. Besides Sylvester Stallone, the film stars Yvette Monreal (MTV's Faking It," "The Fosters"), Academy Award nominee Adriana Barraza, Paz Vega and Oscar Jaenada. In LAST BLOOD, we find John Rambo settled into his ranch lifestyle with a live-in housekeeper and her granddaughter Gabrielle who Rambo has come to see as a surrogate daughter. When she doesn't return from Mexico, he travels to Mexico to find and rescue her from a sex trafficking ring. 


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RAMBO: LAST BLOOD basically takes its plot from Liam Neeson's TAKEN.  The first act is a family drama that leads into your typical Rambo movie with a huge body count. While it's nice to see Rambo finally settled and living a peaceful life on a ranch, that doesn't last long and he has to resort to his old ways to rescue the girl. The movie is predictable and often resorts to stereotypes of the "bad hombre." 

RAMBO: LAST BLOOD opens in movie theaters September 20. 

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