Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill & Vince Vaughn Find Alien Weapon in THE WATCH Movie Clip

On July 27, the only things more dangerous than the threat facing the good citizens of suburban Glenview, are the four guys who’ve come together to save them in THE WATCH.  Meet the Neighborhood Watch: civic-minded Evan (Ben Stiller), fun-loving family guy Bob (Vince Vaughn), tough-talking “wild card” Franklin (Jonah Hill) and the looking-for-love divorcé Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade).

In this seemingly serene enclave and safe haven, Evan Bob, Franklin and Jamarcus have decided to join forces to safeguard their community.  In addition, they’re enjoying some of the perks that come with being a “Watcher”… like drinking beer, shooting the sh**, and just being guys.   

Even with – or maybe because of – their spiffy new “Watch” jackets, which are emblazoned with fiery wings and a tiger head (don’t ask), the not-so-fearsome foursome initially gets no respect from the residents they’re supposedly looking out for.  A group of kids plaster them with eggs, and the local cops think they’re a joke:  the Hardy Boys…only far less savvy.

But when the guys’ patrol vehicle hits something that leaves behind a trail of green goo and a tentacle of some sort, and they find a strange, bowling ball-like device that emits a concentrated beam of energy – they realize that their little group has stumbled onto something bigger than a prowler on the loose.

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