'Inside Out 2' Movie Review: Double The Fun

 Inside Out 2 movie review

INSIDE OUT 2 lives up to the original and introduces new Emotions which equals twice the fun.

Riley reaches puberty and its mayhem of new emotions such as Anxiety (Maya Hawke), Envy (Ayo Edebiri), Embarrassment (Paul, Walter Hauser), Disgust (Liza Lapira) and Ennui (Adele Exarchopoulos). Amy Poehler returns as Joy and reteams with Tony Hale's Fear, Lewis Black's Anger and Phyllis Smith as Sadness. 

Naturally, a prepubescent teen is comedy gold in Pixar’s hands, and the animation studio meets every expectation.

The sequel juggles three storylines. Joy’s group explores the deep recess of Riley’s mind, Riley is desperate to make the premiere hockey team with the new Emotions in control of her every move.

Exploring Riley’s deep consciousness with the familiar characters is hilarious new territory.

Having new Emotions in control of Headquarters brings a freshness to the story. The superstar of the new bunch is Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) who takes over Headquarters and banishes Joy and the gang to essentially Riley’s subconscious.

Pete Docter doesn’t return as the director, instead serving as one of the executive producers. A veteran of the Pixar animation team Kelsey Mann directs his first feature film and does a fine job of reconnectiing the audience with these beloved characters.

INSIDE OUT 2 is a great trip to the movie theaters with the whole family.

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