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Who doesn't love inspirational movies and Disney's MILLION DOLLAR ARM fits the bill. Here are 5 other reasons you should take the family to see the film opening May 16.

Based on a true story, Jon Hamm plays real life sports agent JB Bernstein who thinks up a scheme to get back into the game by going to India to find baseball's next great pitching ace through a reality show called "Million Dollar Arm." Bernstein discovers Dinesh (Slumdog Millionaire's Madhur Mittal) and Rinku (Suraj Sharma of Life of Pi) and brings them to the United States in a fish-out-of-water story which also stars .

1.  Jon Hamm
It's hard to believe that this is Jon Hamm's first mainstream film as the leading man. The Mad Men star is known for being picky with his roles so it's surprising to see him in a family film. However, he brings an edgy quality to his character that helps it steer it away from cheesy territory.

2.  Lake Bell
One of the most underrated actress, Lake Bell plays Brenda, the take-no-crap renter who puts things in perspective. Writer Thomas McCarthy (Up, Win Win) doesn't merely make her a love interest for Hamm's character but a strong female that actually has something to do like putting Bernstein in his place and calling out his faults.


3.  Fish Out of Water Story
Not only do the boys feel like outsiders in America, but Bernstein (Hamm) also goes through a similar experience in India. Hamm plays up the ugly American when he first arrives demanding things run smoothly like in America. Once a native explains how things work in India and the culture, he begrudgingly adapts.

4.  Charming Indian actors
The three charming Indian actors were a breath of fresh air.  Madhur Mittal and Suraj convey the emotions of the characters as they navigate through the foreign world of baseball and the fast-paced of life in America were selfishness abounds. The two are the heart of the film and you're often rooting more for them than Bernstein who's being a jerk. Like any inspirational film, there are plenty of "raw raw" moments, and you're constantly cheering them on to succeed even though it looks hopeless.  

The character of Amit is played so adorably by Indian actor Pitobash, who not only provides the comic relief of the film but also serves to remind us self-involved Americans what we take for granted.


5.  True American Dream
The clash of two cultures are definitely in play in MILLION DOLLAR ARM. Bernstein (Hamm) represents the self-centered capitalist who is only thinking about the dollar versus Dinesh and Rinku who base success on making their family back in India proud, supporting them and not disappointing Mr. Bernstein. What's so touching about the film is that Dinesh and Rinku are also looking to Bernstein as their second family, but he's too busy with his fast-paced life to spend time with them as a friend rather than a business man trying to make a buck off of them. The two characters and Lake Bell's Brenda help Bernstein understand the meaning of "stop and smell the roses."

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