Confetti Ruins Zac Efron's Kiss with Michelle Pfeiffer

Listen to the audio below.

Zac, Michelle and NEW YEAR'S EVE co-stars Josh Duhamel, Abigail Breslin, Hilary Swank, Hector Elizondo, Lea Michele, Jake T. Austin, and director Garry Marshall all congregated in a Beverly Hills hotel for a press conference recently. As in most Hollywod press conferences, the stars talked about the good times on set, the funny stories and working with their co-stars.  The former High School Musical star was clearly crushing on his on-screen co-star as he kept mentioning how excited he was to work with the gorgeous 53-year old actress and how he rehearsed a kiss with Michelle in his hotel room alone the night before their big kiss.  When the moment arrived on set, he went in for the lip smacking and big dip, and a big piece of flying confetti landed squarely in his mouth.  Movie-goers will be able to see the scene as it was left in the movie.

Some of Zac's co-stars that day were surprised with Zac's honesty regarding his crush on Michelle.  A couple of times during the hour-long conference, Josh Duhamel was clearly amused with Zac's love fest and even said "wow" and "tell us more Zac" as Zac kept going on and one about Michelle.  The veteran actress was flattered, but she was even surprised at how much he went on about it. Don't worry Zac Efron fans, Michelle is off the market. The beautiful actress has been married to Ally MCBeal and Boston Legal creator/writer David E. Kelley since 1993.

Zac Efron and the veteran actress first met on the set of Hairspray in 2008, but appeared in a few scenes together. In NEW YEAR'S EVE, the two share lots of screen time as Ingrid and Paul. In the romantic comedy ensemble, Ingrid (Pffeifer ) is a nervous nilly who doesn't get out much and decides on New Year's Eve to make her end of year resolution list happen. She recruits Paul, a bike messenger, to make her list happen in the course of New Year's Eve.


Zac Efron & Michelle Pfeiffer Interview(Audio)

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