Navy SEALs Save Roselyn Sanchez in ACT OF VALOR

Real, active-duty Navy SEALs star in the new film ACT OF VALOR and in this movie clip from the new action movie, the Navy SEALs rescue Roselyn Sanchez from the drug cartel.
The Navy SEALs have become a popular topic with the recent headlines of the elite military team taking down Osama Bin Laden and rescuing Americans from Somali pirates.  Now their valor is caught on film with real-life SEALs taking on a riskier job as actors.
In ACT OF VALOR, Roselyn Sanchez plays a CIA operative working to dismantle the drug cartel. When she is captured, the highly-skilled armed forces takes on the mission to extract her from her dangerous captors. As they head into their mission, they uncover a larger scale plot that threatens the world.

ACT OF VALOR is in movie theatres February 24, 2012.

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