CHRONICLE Clip: Teens Use Superpowers for Pranks


Unlike Spiderman or Iron Man who use their new found superpowers to fight evil, the teens in the new movie CHRONICLE use their new abilities to pull elaborate pranks on themselves and unsuspecting victims.  In this clip from CHRONICLE, the three high school students move someone's parked car telepathetically.

Shot in a docu-style, CHRONICLE stars a largely unknown cast as teens seeking out the limits of their new superpowers with disastrous results. Most of the film is told through the point of view of Andrew, a troubled but creative young man with a keen visual eye and a high-quality HD camera.  Andrewís newfound telekinetic abilities add an unexpected dimension to his camera operating skills, which give CHRONICLE a one-of-a-kind look and texture.  

CHRONICLE is in movie theatres this weekend (February 3, 2012).

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