• Interview: Riz Ahmed

    Interview: Riz Ahmed

  • Interview: JIU JITSU Director

    Interview: JIU JITSU Director

  •  Exclusive: 'Scream' Directors Spill Tea

    Exclusive: 'Scream' Directors Spill Tea

  • Review: 'LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special'

    Review: 'LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special'

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    Best Netflix Latino Shows

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Watch List: Best Bicultural Latino Programming on Netflix

 Best Latino Netflix Shows

Latinos are not a homogenous group, yet when media celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month we’re lumped into one category. Rotten Tomatoes recently published a list of movies celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, but their list consisted of all Spanish language films, and left out American-based stories. The bicultural experience in America is different from their parent's homeland no matter your race. The bicultural Latino stories do exist and Netflix is the best media company putting out those stories. Below is a list of programming that captures that experience in America.

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From Broadway to Prime Video: Heidi Schreck Talks What The Constitution Means For Women and People of Color

Heidi Schreck Interview Amazon Prime

Heidi Schreck brings her Tony Award-winning Broadway play, "What the Constitution Means to Me" to Amazon Prime Video. While we were taught that "all men are created equal" under the Constitution, a closer look at the document reveals women and people of color don't have equal rights. CineMovie talks to Heidi about her eye-opening show and what the Amy Coney Barrett appointment to the Supreme Court means for America. 

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Best Documentary About Voter Suppression 'All In: The Fight For Democracy'

All In Fight For Democracy

ALL IN: THE FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY is now airing on Amazon Prime Video. The voter suppression documentary is the best one this year. Featuring Stacey Abrams, the film examines the historical practices of voter suppression from the beginning to the current climate of extreme threats to our basic rights as citizens of the United States.

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Niv Sultan and Shervin Alenabi Talk Israeli Show 'Tehran' on Apple TV Plus

Tehran Niv Sultan Shervin Alenabi interview 850

TEHRAN stars Niv Sultan and Shervin Alenabi talk about their Apple TV+ espionage thriller from “Fauda” writer Moshe Zonder that tells the thrilling story of a Mossad agent who goes deep undercover on a dangerous mission in Tehran that places her and everyone around her in dire jeopardy. The two actors from opposing countries say the show focuses on the human side of the Iran/Israeli conflict.

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'Locas Por El Cambio' Trailer: Amazon Prime Video's First Original Movie From Mexico

LOCAS POR EL CAMBIO will be Amazon Prime Video's first foray into Spanish language comedy from Latin America. The comedy, based in Mexico City, will premiere on November 27, 2020 on the streaming service in more than 240 countries and territories. The body switching plot isn't new but folks can get a view of Mexico that has nothing to do with narcos. Watch the hilarious new trailer.

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Chicago Not The City The President Paints Says 'City So Real' Director Steve James

City So Real Protest

Chicago, America’s third-largest metropolis has been painted as a violent city by the U.S. President's rhetoric.  Oscar®-nominated documentarian Steve James (“America to Me,” “Hoop Dreams”) shot a five-part documentary about is longtime hometown to show the multi-faceted city, the crowded 2018 Mayoral race, and the communities of Chi-Town in "City So Real." 

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Selena The Series: Finally A Full Trailer

Selena and Los Dinos Netflix Series

Selena fans are finally getting their first complete look at the Netflix series based on her short life. Part one of the "Selena: The Series" two-part series premieres on Netflix on December 4, 2020. In the new preview, the Dinos and her family are highlighted.

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