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Ladies Kill in 'Gunpowder Milkshake:' First Look at Karen Gillan, Michelle Yeoh, Karen Gillan, Angela Bassett

Gunpowder Milkshake Karen Gillan Chloe Coleman 

Karen Gillan stars as an elite assassin who goes on the run to save a young girl from the agency she works for. She enlists the help from her mother's former hit women friends, The Librarians played by Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh and Carla Gugina. The first images from the strangely titled movie, GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE have been released. Lena Headey ("Game of Thrones") also stars.

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Meet Real Teacher Who Inspired John Leguizamo's 'Critical Thinking' Character

John Leguizamo Critical Thinking movie 850

Based on a true story from 1998, John Leguizamo plays real-life teacher Mario Martinez in CRITICAL THINKING. The high school teacher coached and inspired five Latino and Black teenagers from a disadvantaged area of Miami to win the National Chess Championship. CineMovie talks to Mr. Martinez about the inspirational story along with executive producer Carla Berkowitz who fought for 23 years to bring the story to life with first-time director Leguizamo at the helm. 

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Watch List: Best Bicultural Latino Programming on Netflix

 Best Latino Netflix Shows

Latinos are not a homogenous group, yet when media celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month we’re lumped into one category. Rotten Tomatoes recently published a list of movies celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, but their list consisted of all Spanish language films, and left out American-based stories. The bicultural experience in America is different from their parent's homeland no matter your race. The bicultural Latino stories do exist and Netflix is the best media company putting out those stories. Below is a list of programming that captures that experience in America.

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From Broadway to Prime Video: Heidi Schreck Talks What The Constitution Means For Women and People of Color

Heidi Schreck Interview Amazon Prime

Heidi Schreck brings her Tony Award-winning Broadway play, "What the Constitution Means to Me" to Amazon Prime Video. While we were taught that "all men are created equal" under the Constitution, a closer look at the document reveals women and people of color don't have equal rights. CineMovie talks to Heidi about her eye-opening show and what the Amy Coney Barrett appointment to the Supreme Court means for America. 

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