'Captain Marvel' Movie Review: Thanos Is Dust

CAPTAIN MARVEL introduces the first standalone female Marvel superhero. The origins story is different than most in that the story works backwards to uncover how she came to have powers. The movie starts with Vers, as she's known as part of the Kree military force on the planet of Hala. While she's confident in her powers and fighting ability, she doesn't have a grasp of her powers just yet. Jude Law's Yon-Rogg is her mentor, but he's holding her back. It's not until she lands on Earth is when she starts to get to the bottom of her real identity, and mastering her abilities. 

The Lesson Brie Larson Took Away From 'Captain Marvel': 'I’m Stronger Than I Realized'

Brie Larson exudes confidence but she's not cocky like Tony Stark or Thor in his first appearance as the Norse god. Carol Danvers is a matter of fact who doesn't hesitate to stop the Skrulls. She knows her strengths and doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise. She's also technologically handy and reworks her intergalactic tools. Most superheroes doubt themselves or don't want to carry the weight of saving the world. Not CAPTAIN MARVEL. It's a refreshing take on a Marvel superhero, and Brie Larson carries the mantle well. Captain Marvel is definitely a great role model.

 Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

At the start of the movie, CAPTAIN MARVEL has more of a STAR TREK vibe than a Marvel film. Perhaps it has something to do with the shape-shifting Skrulls and the green-hued Kree battling it out, and the way the Kree communicate with each other. At times, the film feels more independent in nature as well given indie directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (HALF NELSON) are at the helm. They set out to make something different, and they accomplished that.

Also refreshing about CAPTAIN MARVEL is Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury who is a bit of a softie and a cat person. It's nice to see a less jaded person who meets his first alien. He's very funny in the movie. The scene stealer of the film is Goose the cat. Some of the best interactions are with Fury and the cat. Ben Mendelsohn is a surprise as well as a skrull.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is mostly light fare with some funny moments, but it takes risks like BLACK PANTHER in its messaging about the real world. The story often reminds viewers of disparity between the genders, and through the women in the film, shows a positive view of women as innovators and masters of their own destiny in a world dominated by men. The friendship between Carol and Maria (Lashana Lynch) is a nice touch of women empowering each other. Some men may find that a turnoff but they've got enough testosterone-filled superhero movies. Let the girls have this one. 

There are some big twists that changes up the pace, and makes the film more interesting. By the end of the movie, Captain Marvel's achieves ultimate power and makes us believe she's the one that can pound Thanos into dust. 

And we don't have to tell you that the end credits gifts us with a tease of AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

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