Henry Cavill Looks The Superman Part

Henry Cavill IMMORTALS interview

Henry Cavill took a break from shooting the Superman reboot to promote his new film IMMORTALS and one look at the Man of Steel star in person, you can see why director Zack Snyder chose the IMMORTALS star to don the cape. Add a comment

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Rowan Atkinson Not A Funny Man, He Says

Rowan Atkinson Johnny English Interview

You would think the actor behind Mr. Bean and Johnny English would be funny off-camera, but Rowan Atkinson says he is a serious man and you'll never catch him on a bloopers reel laughing on set.  The JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN star brought some of that serious side to the bumbling English spy sequel.

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Sugar Ray Leonard Fashions REAL STEEL's Monstrous Robot After George Foreman

Sugar Ray Leonard trains Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

If you've watched REAL STEEL and one of the boxing robots remind you of George Foreman, that is no accident. Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and first-time boxing consultant on the film applied George Foreman's fighting skills (and grill) to one of REAL STEEL's robot.

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Sigourney Weaver & Alfred Molina On Technology and Acting

Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver interview

Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina take on the action genre once again with ABDUCTION starring Taylor Lautner. The two actors broke into Hollywood more than thirty years ago on two of the most iconic action films in movie history (Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark). When it comes to shooting an action film today, the two actors disagree on whether the new technology has changed the craft of acting. Add a comment

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