Journey to Space: The Exhibition and 3D Film To Inspire Future Space Exploration

Journey to Space 1

Matt Damon and the cast of THE MARTIAN made space exploration cool again, and hopefully with the success of the Ridley Scott movie, it will inspire a new generation of explorers. A new exhibit opening October 29at the California Science Center in Los Angeles offers those interested in space exploration a chance to see what the future holds for space exploration through exhibits and a 3D film.

Journey to Space: The Exhibition invites guests to examine the challenges and innovative solutions required for human space exploration. Get a feeling for what space is like, how we are learning to live and work in space, and how we are preparing for bolder and more distant missions.
Through hands-on exhibits and immersive experiences, explore the science and technology developed by scientists to protect astronauts from radiation, meteoroids, temperature extremes, and the vacuum of space. Hear the stories of astronauts and rocket scientists, take a turn managing the energy of a simulated orbiting space station, operate a robotic arm, and find out how astronauts eat, sleep, and even go to the bathroom in space. 
Exhibition highlights include a real glove used by Neil Armstrong and a rotating chamber inspired by the International Space Station’s Destiny Module that guests can enter to feel the disorientation of an environment with no up or down.

Designed with the help of astronauts and space scientists, Journey to Space: The Exhibition will inspire the astronaut and scientist in all of us.

Journey to Space: The Exhibition was developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota and the California Science Center in cooperation with the Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative with major support from NASA.

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