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First Look at Gal Gadot's New Series for National Geographic

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Impact Nat Geo Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot (WONDER WOMAN) shared the first look at her new series for National Geographic, 'IMPACT with Gal Gadot.' The new show follows inspiring young women around the world making a difference with their activism. The new six-part short form documentary series is executive produced by Gadot who shared the first preview on Twitter.

No release date for the premiere was given.

A compelling new six-part short-form documentary series from executive producers Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman”), Jaron Varsano (“My Dearest Fidel”) and Academy Award-winning director Vanessa Roth (“Freehold”) that follows the powerful stories of resilient young women around the world who overcome obstacles and do extraordinary things. IMPACT will follow inspiring young women living in communities marred by genocide, gang violence, poverty, discrimination and oppression, and yet, against all odds, dare to dream, stand out, speak up and lead.

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