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Welcome To Fantasy Island, A Reboot with Roselyn Sanchez

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Fantasy Island Rosalyn Sanchez FOX series 

FOX is currently shooting a modern version of the classic 70s show Fantasy Island which starred Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Roarke. Roselyn Sanchez will be carrying on the torch as a descendant of Montalban's character as Elena Roarke. Sony Pictures Television, Gemstone Studios and FOX Entertainment released an announcement video along with a press release.

Production is currently underway in Puerto Rico, and the new series is set to premiere Tuesday, August 10.

Starring Roselyn Sanchez (“Devious Maids,” “Grand Hotel”), Elena Roarke will be a more complicated character than Mr. Roarke by the sound of the plot. She is described as an "elusive" character who "set aside her own ambitions," and love life to carry on her family's business. Like her predecessor, she is calm and insightful, but she also has her own fantasies to work out. Sanchez is wearing a white like the original, iconic actor.

As with the original, we expect celebrities to make cameos in the weekly show arriving to the island to fulfill their dreams or fantasies. Series regulars will include Kiara Barnes (The Bold and the Beautiful) as Ruby, a young woman dying from a terminal illness making the most of her new home on the island, and John Gabriel Rodriquez, the pilot.

The entire original 1977 series is now streaming on FOX Entertainment’s Free-Streaming Platform, Tubi.

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