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Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron Joy Ride in New 'Dirty Grandpa' Movie Poster

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Robert DeNiro & Zac Efron in Dirty Grandpa movie poster image

Robert DeNiro is not your average sweet-natured grandfather to Zac Efron in DIRTY GRANDPA. Appropriately named Dick, DeNiro's character takes him on a joy ride before he gets married. A new movie poster has been released with the two characters off to enjoy a R-rated adventure.

Jason Kelly [Zac Efron] is one week away from marrying his boss's uber-controlling daughter, putting him on the fast track for a partnership at the law firm. However, when the straight-laced Jason is tricked into driving his foul-mouthed grandfather, Dick [Robert De Niro], to Daytona for spring break, his pending nuptials are suddenly in jeopardy. Between riotous frat parties, bar fights, and an epic night of karaoke, Dick is on a quest to live his life to the fullest and bring Jason along for the ride. Ultimately, on the wildest journey of their lives, "dirty" Grandpa and his uptight grandson discover they can learn from one another and form the bond they never had.

The outlandish comedy also stars Aubrey Plaza, Zoey Deutch, Julianne Hough, Jason Mantzoukas, Danny Glover, Adam Pally, and Dermot Mulroney

DIRTY GRANDPA opens in theaters January 22.

Dirty Grandpa movie poster

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