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'Angry Birds' First Look with Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Josh Gad, and Danny McBride

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Angry Birds event Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad Bill Hader, Danny McBride

On Tuesday, Cinemovie attended a special “Sneak Beak” event for the upcoming ANGRY BIRDS movie based upon the popular mobile video game franchise. The one question that the game developer Rovio gets asked most is, “Why are the birds so angry?” Questions like these and the immense popularity of the franchise propelled Sony to create a mythology behind the game. Producer John Cohen shared some snippets from the film and treated us to a hilarious Q&A with funnymen and ANGRY BIRD voice cast Jason Sudekis, Bill Hader, Josh Gad, and Danny McBride (video below). 

Here’s a breakdown of what we saw John Cohen began the presentation by talking about the popularity of the game franchise. ANGRY BIRDS remains the most downloaded game of all time having over 3 billion downloads! Cohen explained that even royalty like Prince William enjoys his ANGRY BIRDS and showed us a video of him indulging. (Watch Below)

Cohen went on to give us a complete overview of the plot and it’s eccentric characters. He showed us clips of the colorful landscape of Bird Island; where flightless birds lead very happy lives. From getting your feather extensions at “Birds of a Feather” beauty salon to visiting the Early Bird worm shop, Bird Island seems like the perfect place for all birds except for one exception, Red (Jason Sudekis).

1. Red is an Angry Bird whose short temper and curmudgeon behavior eventually lands him in an anger management class. This is where he meets a couple of kooky birds that you may remember from the game:
2. Malilda (Maya Rudolph) plays the hippy class instructor who’s also a recovering Angry Bird herself.  Some may remember her as the White Bird from the video game.

3. Bomb ( Danny McBride) plays the exploding bird from the game who suffers from IED-      Intermittent explosive disorder. “He’s a bit of a dim bulb and a gentle giant,” explained Cohen.

4. Next, we meet Chuck who’s brought to life by Josh Gad. Chuck is a speed demon who does everything at a million miles per hour.  We were shown a hilarious flashback of Chuck using his speed to mess with a police officer—Definitely bound to be an audience favorite.

Angry Birds Sony Event recap

The next clip introduces us to the antagonists of the story; a coalition of green pigs led by the King Pig, Leonard (Bill Hader). These piggy’s may seem friendly at first, but we soon learn their ulterior motive: stealing the bird’s most important possession; their eggs.
Lastly, Cohen showed us an adorable Easter promo for the film. It features the cutest, wide-eyed bird hatchlings voiced by actual toddlers. The kids have a playful argument about whether or not the Easter Bunny’s a boy or girl. 
The event was concluded with a hilarious Q&A with the actors. Being that they had members of the media rolling out their seats with laughter, I’m sure their chemistry in ANGRY BIRDS will be just as enjoyable when the film flies into theaters May 20, 2016!

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Angry Birds Sony Event Bird

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