'Chosen' Star Jonathan Roumie Says Playing Jesus Christ in Hit Series and a Jesus-Loving Hippie in 'Jesus Revolution' is Divine Calling

JESUS REVOLUTION opens in movie theaters on February 24.
JESUS REVOLUTION tells the true story of a countercultural movement that would forever change the course of history. In the early 1970s, a community of teenage hippies in Southern California experienced what would become the greatest spiritual awakening in American history. A story that led to peace, love and rock and roll, and where messages as important to our Latino community as the search for belonging and what our purpose in life is, take center stage.

The film stars Kelsey Grammer (TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, The Simpsons, Frasier, Cheers), Joel Courtney (SUPER 8), and Jonathan Roumie, known for his inspiring portrayal of Jesus Christ in the critically acclaimed series "The Chosen," which took an incredible third place at the box office in 2022 with its third season and has had over 400 million views online. Roumie is also known for being one of the voices of "Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again."

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