INTERVIEW: Channing Tatum Freezes His Tail Off On THE EAGLE Set

Channing Tatum interview

Channing Tatum (GI Joe, The Dilemma) stars in his first period action film THE EAGLE but the stunts were not the most challenging for the Southern California actor.  

Channing tells CineMovie the remote shooting location on the coast of Scotland and the cold weather made for a difficult shoot that included jumping into an ice cold river. Channing reveals how he used it to enhance his performance.

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Actors suffer for their craft but Channing and his co-star Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Jumper) certainly did so for their role as master and slave during the Roman Empire's occupation of England in THE EAGLE.  Channing Tatum is Marcus in THE EAGLE, a Roman Soldier in 140 AD during the Roman Empire's rule in Great Britain.  To regain his family's honor, he enters unconquered territory beyond the wall to find the Eagle that was lost when his father disappeared with his army.  Jamie Bell plays the slave Esca accompanying Marcus, his master, through the rough terrain and savage tribes of the Caledonian highlands which is the area of Scotland today.

Movie Clip: Channing's Marcus Battles His Slave

For the production, Channing and Bell trained in combat, horseback riding, and weaponry of that time period but the most challenging part of shooting THE EAGLE for Channing was jumping in ice cold water for thirteen hour days.   Tatum used that misery and applied it to his character who is having to deal with those same elements.  Jamie Bell agrees the tough environment certainly helped to form his character.  

Academy Award nominated director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) chose to shoot on the coast of Scotland to bring authenticity to the story and the landscape provided a beautiful backdrop.  He admits the remote location was "rather tough" on the cast and crew but more so for Tatum who hails from sunny California.  He knew the location and shoot would be grueling so he cast young actors like Tatum and Bell who would be up for anything versus an older veteran actor who might not take the plunge.

Watch the interview for more with Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, and director Kevin Macdonald.

THE EAGLE is in theaters February 11, 2011.

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