'El Chicano' Superhero Wears Oakland Raiders' Colors Says Director Ben Bray

The first Latino superhero comes to the big screen in EL CHICANO. Director Ben Bray insisted the Mexican-American crime fighter represent not only the Aztec culture but the Oakland Raiders as well with his colors. Producer and co-writer Joe Carnahan says Ben was adamant his hero wear those colors proudly.

EL CHICANO stars Raul Castillo as the masked vigilante, “Lucifer’s” Aimee Garcia and George Lopez. Directed by former stuntman turned director/writer Ben Hernandez had help bringing this Latino story with veteran director Joe Carnahan known for directing high-octane action dramas like NARC, SMOKING ACES, and THE GREY, to the big screen. 

El Chicano is a street vigilante in the city of Los Angeles. His mask and knife design are influenced by Mexico's native peoples, the Aztecs. However, Carnahan points out that Bray wanted to bring his favorite football team, the Oakland Raiders' colors into the mix with silver and black. 

EL CHICANO is in movie theaters May 3. 

El Chicano


Official Synopsis:

When L.A.P.D. Detective Diego Hernandez is assigned a career-making case investigating a vicious cartel, he uncovers links to his brother's supposed suicide and a turf battle that's about to swallow his neighborhood. Torn between playing by the book and seeking justice, he resurrects the masked street legend El Chicano. Now, out to take down his childhood buddy turned gang boss, he sets off a bloody war to defend his city and avenge his brother's murder


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