INTERVIEW: Eli Roth on Docu-Horror

Hostel director and Inglourious Basterds star Eli Roth dons a producer hat for his new horror flick THE LAST EXORCISM, a pseudo documentary-style shot film he calls a "first person horror experience".  

Eli Roth and THE LAST EXORCISM stars Ashley Bell and Patrick Fabian sat down with CineMovie to talk about their new film and why it even scared them after watching it.

Shot in a documentary-style format reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, THE LAST EXORCISM creates a sense of realism for the viewer which creates a much more scary experience according to the writer/director of Cabin Fever. In the film, a documentary crew follows Reverend Marcus Cotton as a preacher man who explains to the camera that possessions are psychological and not real. The Reverend (Fabian) has made a career out of faking exorcisms to help people with their mental conditions and he takes the crew on his latest request for an exorcism to prove his theory.

When the possessed teen (Bell) stares into the camera with an eery look, the viewer feels the target of the possession and that is why Eli reveals makes THE LAST EXORCISM unique from other horror films.

Watch the interview for more with Eli and actors Ashley Bell and Patrick Fabian.

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