Rob Zombie On Halloween Movies: "I Don't Care For Them"

 Michael Myers in Halloween II

Musician and director Rob Zombie brings killer Michael Myers back to life on the big screen once again in HALLOWEEN II August 28th but it may surprise you to know the helmer has not watched any of previous films in the franchise except for the original.

CineMovie sat down in a one-on-one interview with the writer/director to discuss his new vision for the latest installment of the horror franchise and why he’s not a fan of the Halloween franchise.                 Watch Halloween II trailer

Q:  This is the 10th movie in the Halloween franchise....

Zombie: Is it really? 

Q:  Yes. 

Zombie:  Oh, god!  If I had known that.....

Q:  So how do you keep it fresh?

Zombie:  Well that's the trick.  I always say to myself, 'what has this character not done a million times?'  So for me, the biggest way to keep it fresh was the approach to it - the way the movie looks, the way the characters act, and making people see it a different way. 

You still have Michael Myers, a faceless killer that doesn't talk.  He's a tough character because you don't see his face hardly and he doesn't really talk so what the f%&#  you going to do with him after a while.  So it's the stuff that surrounds him that has to create the experience and make it different.  That's what I tried to do.

Michael Myers in Halloween II
Q:  Do you ever go back and watch the previous Halloween movies so as not to retread old ground?

Zombie:  No.  I avoid them at all cost.  I didn't like them then so I don't want to watch them now.  I like the first one, it's a classic.  The rest of them I don't care for them at all.

Q:  What do you think about Halloween's release date in August instead of October?

Zombie:  It is what it is.  Everyone's like 'why is it coming out in August and not Halloween' but I don't know.   It's not up to me. 

Q:  So you didn't have any input in that area?

Zombie:  No.  The executives deal with it.  The schedule was so crowded with films that they looked at the August 28th which looked light at the time.  I know Final Destination movie is coming out the same day.  You can move it to the next week, then something else will come up.  You can't win.  You just have to go for it.

Q:  And what's on the music front?

Zombie:  I have a new album that I finished before I did Halloween II.  So as soon as Halloween comes out, we start touring in October for the new record. 

Zombie plans to also take on another two films as a writer/director with The Haunted World of El Superbeasto based on his own comic book and Tyrannosaurus Rex set for 2011. 

For now, Halloween comes early this year starting August 28th in HALLOWEEN II.

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