Rob Zombie's Top 5 Horror Films

Rocker and writer/director Rob Zombie has made a career of incorporating the horror Rob Zombieelement into his music, art, and films.  With his second Halloween movie set for release August 28th, CineMovie sat down with him for his views on the Twilight craze, remakes and we thought it befitting to ask the Halloween II helmer to name his top five horror films of all time. 


Q:  What do you think about this whole 'teeny bopperizing' as we like to call it, of the vampire genre with the Twilight mania and now a tv series (Vampire Diaries).

Zombie:  I don't know.  Truthfully, I was sort of oblivious to it.  I saw Twilight two days ago for the first time out of curiosity and True Blood I watched once on a plane.  Everything goes in waves.  I guess people always lean towards vampires because they are the easiest to make cool and marketable.  Whereas if you make people werewolves they always look goofy.

Q:  That would explain why the Benicio del Toro werewolf movie is being delayed again.

Zombie:  Maybe. But it's an easier thing to keep vampires since they exist through time, it's easier to update them than other monsters.

Q:  So it doesn't bother you that they're turning it into a tween thing and moving away from the horror aspect?

Zombie:  I could care less.  It's like the Lost Boys again.

Q:  What do you think about people boycotting the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie?

Zombie:  It's fine.  I used to be like that ten years ago when I would say, 'why are they remaking these movies?'  It seemed so stupid to me.  Now I'm so numb to it that I don't even care.  I look at it this way now  - there are so many movies that I love that are remakes of other movies.  Christopher Lee's Horror of Dracula is a remake of Dracula which is a remake of Nosferatu.  And I love all those movies so why do you get all close-minded about remakes.  To me, if it's a really good movie - great!  If not, whatever!

Q:  Speaking of good movies, what are your five all-time favorite horror movies?

Zombie: I like classic stuff mixed in with 70's stuff. Stanley Kubrick Movie Collection DVD Some of my favorites are the original Frankenstein movie, Todd Browning's Freaks, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the original Dawn of the Dead.  And then something like The Shining even though it's maybe not a horror but I love Stanley Kubrick so much.  I love the fact the he decided to make the ultimate science fiction movie, the ultimate horror movie and the ultimate war movie.  I just find that incredibly awesome.

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein on DVD
 Todd Browning's Freaks The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on DVD
George A. Romero's Dawn Of The Dead
Stanley Kubrick's The Shining DVD

Zombie's re-imagining of another popular horror movie Halloween has it's latest incarnation in Halloween II  in theaters August 28.  In October, look for Rob Zombie the rocker on the road in concert to promote his latest solo music project. 

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