Ice Cube, DJ Yella, Director F. Gary Gray & Cast Talk 'Straight Outta Compton's' Toughest Moments To Watch

Straight Outta Compton movie interview wtih Ice Cube, F. Gary Gray, DJ Yella and Cast

The original members of NWA and the cast of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON tell CineMovie about the scenes they had the hardest time getting through as they watched their life story on the big screen. Listen to the interview below.

Ice Cube and DJ Yella relive the early days of NWA and the friendship that would propel them into infamy and mainstream music during a press conference for STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON in Los Angeles. Ice Cube and DJ Yella recount the time on set and during a viewing of the movie that brought out old emotions.  Director F. Gary Gray (Set If Off, The Italian Job, Friday) also explains how Dr. Dre had to leave the set in a scene where he relives the news of his brother's death.

The former NWA members and the STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON director credit actors O'Shea Jackson Jr. ("Ice Cube"), Corey Hawkins ("Dr. Dre") and Jason Mitchell ("Easy E") for hitting their marks during the emotional scenes between the friends. The actors also talk about their experience playing the rap icons.

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