Ice Cube on Shooting Digital for '22 Jump Street'


Ice Cube started out dissing the police as part of NWA, but now he's playing cops in Ride Along with Kevin Hart and he returns as an undercover detective in 22 Jump Street. The actor and producer reveals the sequel to 21 Jump Street was quite a different experience than other films.


Ice Cube returns as Captain Dickson in 22 Jump Street with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill going undercover as college-aged kids. For the sequel under the direction of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, Ice Cube says the production used digital cameras for his scenes which he described as "crazy." With digital cameras there is no need to cut during a scenes so Ice Cube says the camera just kept rolling for what seemed like "forever."   

"We were doing sometimes 12 minute takes. 'Keep going. And say this and do this.'  It was just a crazy process."

The "crazy process" of 22 Jump Street will be seen on screen June 13, 2014, but Ice Cube can be seen on the big screen sooner in Ride Along with Kevin Hart on January 17.


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