Lauren Graham, Thomas Haden Church, Josh Wiggins & MAX Director Boaz Yakin On Working with Their Canine Co-Stars

Max Lauren Graham Thomas Haden Church interview

MAX stars Lauren Graham, Thomas Haden Church, Josh Wiggins and director Boaz Yakin are taking us behind the making of the movie, and what it was like working with not just one Belgian Malinois, but eight of the canines who each specialized in a certain task. The cast and filmmakers are also giving us a lesson in the use of these specialized dogs in the military dating back to World War 1.

In MAX, a family adopts their son's military dog, Max after losing his life fighting in Afghanistan, but Max suffers from the traumatic experience. It's up to the family's troubled teenage son to care for the dog and win him over. However there is more to the story behind his brother's death which takes them into dangerous territory. 

MAX is in theaters July 26.

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