Miranda Cosgrove Wants Tina Fey's Job

Miranda Cosgrove

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove is not looking to be the next Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera after she outgrows Nickelodeon. Instead, the 17 year-old actress and one of the voice actors in DESPICABLE ME aspires to be the next Tina Fey.


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Miranda Cosgrove as Margo in DESPICABLE MEIn DESPICABLE ME, Nickelodeon's popular teen voices the role of Margo, a tough orphan girl and protector of her two adoptive sisters when they go live with the despicable Gru (Steve Carell). Like her CGI character, Miranda is equally protective but with her career.  Unlike Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus and previous Disney peers who used their sex appeal to cross over, Cosgrove plans to transition into mainstream differently. The soon to be twelfth grader is planning to move behind the camera sometime in the near future.

Jason Segal and Steve Carell star in Despicable MeMiranda first debut on the big screen in a stand out role with Jack Black in School of Rock directed by Richard Linklater.  In DESPICABLE ME, Miranda proves a scene stealer once again among a cast of heavy hitters (Steve Carell, Jason Segel).  She was "super excited" to work with the comedic actors and described them as "awesome."  The actress turned singer admitted the transition into voice acting had it's challenges. "I think it's a lot harder because I didn't have anybody in the room. It was just me in this little sound booth." However with the help of the DESPICABLE ME directors, she was able to master the right tone for the young Margo.

The Nickelodeon darling also spoke of her future career path during the press conference for DESPICABLE ME in Beverly Hills. After graduating from home schooling, Miranda plans on attending college to study film with an interest in directing. "NYU - that's my dream school," said the young actress who just released her first album Sparks Fly.  And on directing, Miranda added, "It would be cool to be behind the camera."

Working behind the scenes and in front of the camera is Miranda's ultimate dream job and names 30 Rock's Tina Fey as her inspiration.  The 30 Rock fan revealed her admiration for the multi-hyphenate and Emmy-winning actress who produces, writes, and stars on her own show.  "I just think it's so amazing she was able to create that show and write it, said Cosgrove. The iCarly star cites Mean Girls starring troubled former teen star Lindsay Lohan as another favorite movie from Tina Fey who wrote the script. 

But don't expect the DESPICABLE ME star to stay behind the camera for good. "I want to keep acting and keep singing.  I love the entertaining people and making people laugh. It's my favorite thing to do."

Steve Carell and Miranda Cosgrove as Gru and Margo in Despicable Me

With a concert bus tour planned for the fall, Miranda Cosgrove is one busy little lady but she still finds time to be a regular teenager with trips to the mall and movies with her best friends, she fondly told the audience.  And like many teens her age, the brunette beauty looks forward to attending the prom next year as a rite of passage when she completes her home schooling although she asked for help in the dating department.  "I am still looking for a date so if you know somebody.  I don't want to miss it for sure."

The DESPICABLE ME and iCarly star is sure to have no problem with suitors in the near future and the same can be said of her career.

DESPICABLE ME opens in theaters July 9th.

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