Hall Pass Star Shocked By Farrelly Brothers Gag


When you work on a Farrelly Brothers movie, actors can expect to be put in awkward and often raunchy situations on screen. Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, and Jenna Fischer were ready Peter and Bobby Farrelly's brand of humor in HALL PASS but Jason didn't expect one scene to go beyond what he imagined, he told CineMovie at a recent press conference with the HALL PASS stars and directors.

Listen to the interview below. Spoiler Alert!

In HALL PASS, Rick, played Owen Wilson and his best friend Fred, (Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis) are given a hall pass by their wives to have an affair within a week. When the two venture out, things get out of control especially for Jason who bears most of the Farrelly Brothers' toilet humor - literally.

At a recent press conference with the HALL PASS stars and director, Jason Sudeikis explains how an added gag in one of the scenes made for one of the most shocking scenes in HALL PASS. In one scene, Jason's Fred is trying to bed a woman who is having stomach problems.  What was supposed to involve a fart joke turned into a more messier situation which he describes in the interview. We won't get into details since it's too disgusting to even write about.  That certainly shocked the SNL comedian.

Owen Wilson had no fears of those awkward situations. Owen Wilson never worked with Peter and Bobby before HALL PASS but he knew from their previous friendship that they were "on the same wavelength sense of humor-wise" as the Farrelly Brothers and felt "comfortable" joining the project.  "I didn't really have that kind of fear," he told CineMovie.

Jenna Fischer luckily had no "shocking scenes" but she really enjoyed working on the HALL PASS set with Peter and Bobby who are known for their fun sets involving gambling, playing basketball with a football, and the many wrap parties.

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