INTERVIEW: HOP Star Russell Brand Rules Out Musical Career

Russell Brand voices the Easter Bunny in HOP

Russell Brand may look the part of a rock 'n' roller but the HOP and Arthur star admits he is no musician. The British comedian, however, does carry a mean tune in an Elvis impersonation and CineMovie has the hilarious audio.

Listen to Russell Brand interview below.

Russell Brand voices the Easter Bunny in the live-animated comedy HOP opposite James Marsden. In HOP, Russell's character EB refuses to accept his role as the new Easter Bunny and runs away to Hollywood to seek out his true passion as a drummer. James Marsden helps EB's dream come true.

While his character in HOP has musical aspirations, Russell counts out music as a possible career. "I'm not good at music," he told CineMovie.  "I don't got the proper rhythm."  Katy Perry's husband did try his hand at rock 'n' roll as a young lad in England.

"There was a brief period, like a lot of adolescents, I succumbed to the fantasy of becoming a rock 'n' roll star.  Me and a cousin or two, holed ourselves up in a bedroom.  Unfortunately, we emerged with nothing more than headaches and a mild addiction to marijuana which has since been beaten."

To show he can't carry a rhythm, he tapped his head with one hand and rubbed his stomach with the other but he was successful in doing it in unison so he quickly claimed, "there is no market for that."

Later in the interview, Russell broke out in song with Elvis' "In The Ghetto" to illustrate his fascination with the name Geppetto from Pinocchio.  He substituted the lyrics with Geppetto in a hilarious impression of the Elvis song.  Maybe Katy Perry can help with a possible musical career.  Listen to the HOP star belt out the Elvis tune.

HOP is in movie theaters April 1, 2011.

Listen to Russell Brand Interview



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