'The Boy's' Lauren Cohan Talks Creepy Co-Star & Why You Might Need A Barf Bag for 'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Return

Lauren Cohan The Boy interview

When "The Walking Dead’s" Lauren Cohan isn’t killing off zombies on the popular show, she’s running away from porcelain dolls in her new movie, THE BOY. CineMovie talked to the British actress via Skype to talk about her new role, if she’s adverse to the life-like dolls and what we can expect from the mid-season return of “The Walking Dead.”

In THE BOY, Lauren is Greta, an American escaping to London to become a nanny to a porcelain doll. She starts to believe the boy doll is really alive. THE BOY star gives us the scoop from London about the construction of the doll named Braum, having chemistry with her co-star Rupert Evans (Hellboy 2) and why she's not a fan of horror movies. 

Cohan also returns as Maggie in the mid-season premiere of 'The Walking Dead," on Valentine's Day, and she's warning us not to have a big dinner before watching one of the most darkest episodes of the AMC series. Get your barf bags ready. 

THE BOY is in movie theaters January 22. 

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